1/2 Day Strategic Work Session

A 2-3 hour strategic session that will radically adjust your team’s perspective on current challenges and how to move forward.

An intensive to discover strengths and weaknesses of your team, along with areas that are holding you back.

100 Day Exploration

Starting with a half-day strategic work session, this provides an ongoing thinking partner to keep your team on track.

Two :60 coaching sessions/month over zoom, plus availability for “flare calls” as needed.

Concierge Advising

We start by scheduling weekly calls but this ongoing, retainer model is based on your needs.

Some of my clients prefer just 1 or 2 calls a month. But all of them have what I call “Virtually Unlimited Coaching.”

When you need support, we make time.

You have access to all my resources. And you have access to my connections with other elite coaches and consultants, depending on your needs.

Sometimes you need high level brainstorming. Sometimes you need Deep Coaching. Sometimes you need problem solving.

And in every conversation, I provoke your thinking.

For all inquiries please email