"Literally implementing things I learned this morning, in our 3 hour session...I'll be implementing them this afternoon..."
Jared A.

These strategic work sessions are designed to take participants through a step-by-step process that transfers learning and skills effectively. They can be presented either in-person OR virtually, and typically run between 1.5-3 hours. (They can also be combined into a multi day, “retreat style”, format)

"X" Marks the Spot
(Signature Seminar)

It’s no secret that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Even the most experienced leader can have trouble navigating the waters of distraction. There are always fires to put out, conflicts to resolve, moving targets to hit, and problems to solve. 

Without the right approach to keeping focused on what is MOST IMPORTANT, leaders and teams always start to drift!

This engaging and interactive work session will take participants through a proven system to evaluate where they are, where they need to go, and the essential focus to take them there. 


  • Increased productivity due to discovering what will ACTUALLY make a difference in moving forward.
  • Maximized employee engagement by connecting what they are doing with WHY they are doing it.
  • Enhanced communication between leaders and their teams, as well as between team members.
  • Confidence in how to positively impact future scenarios. 

Unlocking Your Management Approach

Whether it’s an experienced director taking over a new position, a emerging leader with tons of potential, or an individual trying to wade through the countless suggestions of how to “manage”…the process is usually more frustrating than helpful. 

In this program, attendees get the GOLD without the fluff! This comprehensive leadership training offers an extensive look into every participant’s individual management approach. Each attendee will acquire a deeper comprehension of their leadership style, recognizing its strengths, know when to leverage them, and understanding how to avoid potential drawbacks for both themselves and their team. 


  • Clear understanding of their primary leadership style. 
  • A breakdown of what brings out an effective team culture. 
  • Insight into communicating through the various stages of team dynamics. 
  • The 4 powerful question’s to ask AND answer for complete buy-in from your team members.

Slice Through the NOISE

In many ways, this can be considered “communication training for non-communicators”! Especially in the scientific, engineering, and  and financial fields…most people just want to be left alone to do their jobs. 

Data drives decisions, processes are the priority, and facts ALWAYS win out over feelings. This training takes a deep dive into how to communicate in challenging environments and imparts the skills to lead when you are not a “people person.”


  • Understand what drives human behavior and how your brain is wired.
  • Discover how to get the right information from your team members to make accurate decisions.
  • Develop an ongoing team growth system that simplifies conversations and increases retention of top employees.