Exploration. Inspiration. Collaboration.

Why does Sxope Consulting exsist?

To take individuals, organizations, and teams on the journey to what’s possible in their lives and businesses. 

Too many decisions are made simply because “That’s how it’s always been done.” Exploring how to become a great leader with lasting impact is examining how your beliefs and behaviors are coming together. The two biggest threats are stagnation and isolation. Great results happen when you are able to see new approaches, gain new insights, and align with others that amplify your results. As a leadership coaching and consulting firm, we are committed to asking the questions that you haven’t even thought to ask. 

When we get leadership right, results follow. It always starts with the leader taking responsibility for their part, and then providing the right mindsets, frameworks, and direction for truly productive teamwork to take place. At Sxope, we provide space and guidance, through executive coaching and leadership consulting, for individuals and groups to experience more growth and contribution than ever before. This approach to life and leadership is the foundation for a passionately pursued vision and thriving culture.

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About Me

After being involved in coaching, leadership development, and team building for over a decade…Sxope Consulting was launched in 2022.

Before my time in the business/corporate world, I spent years in the education and fitness industry (from teaching to 1-on-1 to bootcamps to managing a Crossfit gym to running my own fitness business) where I saw firsthand what it was like to “lead” people in something that was good for them but that they didn’t feel like doing!

Nowadays you’ll find me diving in deep with leaders and executive teams or standing on a stage and inspiring groups toward a greater vision and an improved culture of collaboration. 

I COULD keep going and tell you everything I WANT you to know about me…but instead I’m going to tell you everything I DON’T want you to know about me.